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It all started with our CEO’s inspiration of a new concept involving collectible figurines and football back in 2016.  The vision was to create a sports related product that would combine candy, collectability, interactive play and a surprise element


In 2017, Relkon Hellas approached FIFA and presented the concept for the upcoming World Cup Russia 2018. This was the start of an amazing jurney into the world of sports. 


Later that same year the Relkon Sport concept was met with a warm welcome from the legendary FCBarcelona Football Club, gaining acceptance from one of the most popular sports teams on the planet.  


The heritage of FIFA World Cup brand along with all the up and coming licenses associated with Sports have elevated Relkon Hellas to one of the top selling Sport conectionery products in Europe.




All our products and concepts are covered by numerous patents in USA, Europe, Africa, Japan, Korea, and China.


All the products are one-of-a-kind and have been designed and developed inception by the Relkon design team.



Our mission is to create innovative products that combine great taste, collectability and novel toy surprises in each product.


Each license has a variety of collectible toys, so both children and parents can collect them.


We strictly use 3D figures in all our collections, giving them an immediate added value.


All our toys are tested according to EU legislation and accredited 3rd party laboratories.